Hammer Fiber wireless technology is a revolutionary new way of delivering internet and TV services in New Jersey. Using the wireless spectrum (a range of electromagnetic radio frequencies), Hammer Fiber has the ability to deliver high amounts of bandwidth to provide internet, television and phone services.

We give you CHOICE. We are an alternative to current service providers that can only offer internet and TV services according to the limitations of their network.

You now have the FREEDOM to break free from your existing providers, so that you can finally decide what is best for you and not be forced into having one choice for provider.

Our wireless service gives you the OPPORTUNITY to experience the internet the way it should be, using a network that is fast, reliable and designed with your use in mind.

We represent POSSIBILITY. While the internet has made the world smaller with possibilites limited only by your desire, the actual reach of reliable high speed broadband has been limited. Hammer Fiber's wireless network expands the reach of our network allowing our subscribers to expand the reach of their imagination.


High Speed Internet

Our internet service is different. While most providers offer “up to” speeds which are affected by the amount of people in the area using the internet at the same time, Hammer Fiber offers internet at the speed of you. We offer the bandwidth that you need, at the speed you need, when you need it. We can accomplish this because our network monitors the amount of bandwidth you use, and ensures that bandwidth is available to you. We also limit the number of subscribers in an area so that we are never oversold and can always deliver an amazing service, at any time of day. Our internet service includes free in-home Wi-Fi.

Fixed Home Phone

Hammer Fiber is changing the way you view your home phone. We deliver High Quality voice services over our dedicated and reliable network. This allows us to keep you connected to the rest of the world, while bringing you new and exciting features along with all of the features you’ve come to expect from your phone provider.

Turn Your TV into a Smart TV

With preloaded applications you can experience much of what the internet has to offer right on your television. Stream videos, download apps, and even play games.

To learn even more about our Hammer Wireless System, please visit HammerWireless.com

Why we do this

We believe there's a better way

We were founded on the belief that internet service should be available to everyone, everywhere and that there had to be a better way to deliver a high quality service and superior customer care.

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We combined innovation with determination to develop a platform that would allow us to bring high speed broadband to the public through a state of the art, first of its kind, wireless system and combined that with local customer care and support. Through this process we learned that some of the routine practices that have been used by providers for years, prevented them from giving the best service possible and we set out to reinvent the way that customers are viewed by their telecommunications provider. With a customer centered focus, Hammer Fiber is now set on disrupting the status quo and providing its subscribers with the highest quality of service possible.


Wireless Installation

Portions of the Hammer Fiber network are delivered wirelessly through a revolutionary new wireless technology.

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For those customers connected via a wireless connection, the installation process is a bit different than the cable companies. Prior to scheduling an installation your Home will need to pass a Quality of Service Test. This test is performed by one of our trained technicians and will determine if we are able to install the necessary wireless equipment on your roof and ensure we can offer the service levels we demand from ourselves, so that you can enjoy the Hammer Fiber platform as intended. If your home passes the Quality of Service test, we will schedule your installation. Upon installation, our installer will place a small receiver on your residence, and bring the service into your home to the desired location(s).

Pre-Wired Installation

Hammer Fiber services many apartment buildings that have been prewired for service. In these cases installation is similar to typical cable installations

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Once you opt for Hammer Fiber service our customer service team will schedule your installation date. Our trained installer will come to your home to run the necessary cabling and install your gateway.

For more information about our installation procedures please click here.

Customer Service

We doubt you will ever have a reason to call!

We strive to provide the best quality service possible and hope you'll never have to call, but if you do we're here for you.

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Hammer Fiber offers 24 hour a day technical support 365 days a year.Our technical support center can be reached toll free at 888-336-5944. We also operate a customer service center that is open to the public in Ventnor, NJ. Additionally, you can speak to a local customer service representative, based right here in New Jersey, by calling 844-413-2600, Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday 12-7.

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