Hammer Fiber TV

is now available in Select Markets

Offering Live TV channels you know and love

Now you can get live television including local broadcast stations, national cable channels, news, sports, movies and more all with the same great service that you would expect from Hammer Fiber

Hammer Fiber offers three simple TV packages to choose from. These TV packages are described in detail below, including the complete channel line-ups of each. Combine these packages with selections of additional premium content offered separately, along with features like whole home DVR to build your perfect home entertainment network. Television has never been more simple


The essentials package is the perfect fit to those who love to stream, but still want the feel of a traditional television platform. This package gives you around 50 channels including local content you need for news, weather and more, as well as Home Shopping networks and some national news. It includes several HD channels at no additional charge, with no need for hardware upgrades!


The Plus package gives you all the wonderful content of the essentials package, plus a selection of about 50 national cable channels, many of which are available in HD at no additional charge or hardware upgrades. You also get 25 music channels, and can even add some premium content, such as STARZ if you want!


The Platinum package gives you everything from Essentials and Plus, as well as 25 more music channels, and an additional selection of national channels including NFL Network with an option to add NFL Red Zone. The Platinum package represents the best value in our package groups, giving you the most varied selection of content we have to offer.

Additional Available Content

Additional or premium content is available with many of our packages at an additional charge. In certain cases you may need to purchase a specific package to add the content to your account.

This mix of content provides some variety to the Spanish speaking community. (Suggest channel Lineup pop-up) This service can be added to any package.

Specialty channels such as Starz or Encore. These services can be added to Either the Plus Package or the Platinum package.

For the Football lover, this service can only be added to the Platinum package.

Want to record in the living room and finish watching in the bedroom? No problem! Record or watch your DVR from any TV in your home with our Whole Home DVR! Record up to ___ shows at once.

Why we do this

We believe there's a better way

We were founded on the belief that internet service should be available to everyone, everywhere and that there had to be a better way to deliver a high quality service and superior customer care.

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We combined innovation with determination to develop a platform that would allow us to bring high speed broadband to the public through a state of the art, first of its kind, wireless system and combined that with local customer care and support. Through this process we learned that some of the routine practices that have been used by providers for years, prevented them from giving the best service possible and we set out to reinvent the way that customers are viewed by their telecommunications provider. With a customer centered focus, Hammer Fiber is now set on disrupting the status quo and providing its subscribers with the highest quality of service possible.


Wireless Installation

Portions of the Hammer Fiber network are delivered wirelessly through a revolutionary new wireless technology.

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For those customers connected via a wireless connection, the installation process is a bit different than the cable companies. Prior to scheduling an installation your Home will need to pass a Quality of Service Test. This test is performed by one of our trained technicians and will determine if we are able to install the necessary wireless equipment on your roof and ensure we can offer the service levels we demand from ourselves, so that you can enjoy the Hammer Fiber platform as intended. If your home passes the Quality of Service test, we will schedule your installation. Upon installation, our installer will place a small receiver on your residence, and bring the service into your home to the desired location(s).

Pre-Wired Installation

Hammer Fiber services many apartment buildings that have been prewired for service. In these cases installation is similar to typical cable installations

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Once you opt for Hammer Fiber service our customer service team will schedule your installation date. Our trained installer will come to your home to run the necessary cabling and install your gateway.

For more information about our installation procedures please click here.

Customer Service

We doubt you will ever have a reason to call!

We strive to provide the best quality service possible and hope you'll never have to call, but if you do we're here for you.

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Hammer Fiber offers 24 hour a day technical support 365 days a year.Our technical support center can be reached toll free at 888-336-5944. We also operate a customer service center that is open to the public in Ventnor, NJ. Additionally, you can speak to a local customer service representative, based right here in New Jersey, by calling 844-413-2600, Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday 12-7.

Certain restrictions apply. Not Available in all areas. Offers may be limited to new residential customers. Equipment, Installation, taxes, fees and other applicable charges may apply. Offer subject to change. Standard Installation is $99. Additional Charges may apply for nonstandard installations. Equipment remains the property of Hammer Fiber. Additional equipment available at additional charges. Channel Lineups are subject to change. All pricing based on single outlet service, additional outlets available at an additional charge.