Hammer VoIP service allows us to combine a feature rich phone service with unlimited local and regional calling. Delivered through the same reliable network as our internet and television services, our VoIP service is a dependable and convenient way to stay connected.

What Is VoIP?

Transmitting calls over the internet.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is the next generation of communication. It’s a way to transmit your call over the internet. But more than just a voice transmission, VoIP allows for phones to utilize more and more features, and use them in conjunction with other IP devices. For example, by utilizing VoIP in conjunction with Hammer Fiber television service, you will be able to see your caller ID right on your television.

Internet Protocol Defined

Strictly speaking, internet protocol is the set of rules that control the format of data sent over a network. What this means to you is that now, all of your devices use the same format, or in other words they speak the same language. This allows you to use your devices, including your television in ways that are yet to be imagined. New applications are appearing every day, and as technology progresses, IP will allow these technologies to be applied to your everyday life almost instantly.


Added features as technology improves.

By utilizing Internet Protocol we are able to offer a vast array of features, including all your traditional features like Call Waiting, Caller ID, and Voicemail. We are also able to offer features that would typically not be available on standard analog home phones, and we can further add features as technology improves without costly equipment upgrades to you.


A small receiver on your residence.

Portions of the Hammer Fiber network are delivered wirelessly through a revolutionary new wireless technology. For those customers connected via a wireless connection, the installation process is a bit different than the cable companies. When our technician arrives at your home he or she will perform a Quality of Service test from our local service location to your residence. As long as the test results indicate that we can offer the service levels we demand from ourselves, so that you can enjoy the Hammer Fiber platform as intended, our installers will begin. Our installer will place a small receiver on your residence, and bring the service into your home to the desired location(s). The entire process typically takes less than an hour and a half.

Customer Service

We doubt you will ever have a reason to call!

Thanks to 99.99% reliability, we doubt you will ever have a reason to call, but just in case, we have 24/7 technical troubleshooting assistance available to ensure that in the unlikely event there is an interruption in your service, that you are back up and running as quickly as possible. Our professional staff of customer service representatives is also available to answer any of your other questions, including billing and service inquiries, Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.