Services Overview

For Owners or Managers of Multiple Dwelling Buildings


Details regarding Hammer Fiber’s television services will be available soon.


Hammer Fiber is changing the way the internet is delivered. By combining internet speeds that are always a step of ahead of demand with free in home Wi-Fi, Hammer Fiber keeps residents connected. Using wireless technology and fiber optics, we deliver unlimited internet to residents so that the internet is always at their fingertips. We believe that offering internet service, means offering all of the bandwidth needed, when it is needed. Hammer Fiber keeps residents connected, on their time.


We designed our telephone service offering to be feature rich with end users in mind. Offering all of the features residents want with unlimited nationwide calling, Hammer Fiber has it covered.

  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • 7, 10, and 11 Digit Dialing
  • Caller ID w/ Name
  • Call Waiting w/ ID
  • Three Way Calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Blocking
  • Do Not Disturb
  • *67 Outbound Caller ID Blocking
  • *69 Call Return
  • Transfer Current Number
  • Custom Incoming Caller ID
  • Distinctive Ringtones
  • Voicemail


As part of your initial inquiry into the future development of your property, you will meet with a dedicated Account Executive. Your account executive will verify with you information specific to your property as well as answer any questions you may have about Hammer Fiber and its services.

Your Account Executive will determine

  • Existing Service Agreements
  • Existing Equipment
  • Current building infrastructure

Marketing Agreement

Hammer Fiber always looks to work closely with property managers or owners to market Hammer Fiber services to resident through our marketing agreement. Our agreements are to ensure the support of the property manager / owner to present residents with Hammer Fiber’s services. Typical marketing agreement terms include

  • Display of promotional materials
  • Door-to-door marketing and sales efforts
  • Distribution of promotional materials to current and future residents
  • Special events on the property to inform residents about services offered

The Upgrade Process

Hammer Fiber will assign your property a project manager who will operate as a single point of contact for your property throughout the process of design/construction. The project manager will work closely with property management/owners to find the least invasive option possible. Every step of the process your project manager will be at your disposal.

Process Overview

After the initial discussions with your Account Executive it will be necessary to execute a Premise Access License (PAL). Once signed, a member of the Hammer Fiber team will visit the property to do an Initial Site Survey, meeting with you to tour your property and determine a preliminary plan to bring your building in service. Our team will use that information to design a High-Level Design of what Hammer’s network will look like and bring it to you for your approval.

Once you are satisfied with the design, a Preconstruction Meeting will be held with your project manager and a representative of the construction team to go through the upgrade step-by-step. Our engineers will then draw a finely Detailed Design print for your approval. Once you are satisfied with the final design, Construction can begin. Our construction team will execute those plans to bring your building In Service, always respecting residents and the property. Residents will then have the freedom to choose our services and free themselves of the internet of the past.

Who We Are

Hammer fiber represents the next generation in home entertainment services, utilizing the most up to date technologies and delivering services that allow your property to be ready for continuing advances in technology and applications. The way that users subscribe to home services needs to change; Hammer Fiber has adopted that task as our own. We are proud to introduce a revolutionary new triple play services platform to New Jersey that keeps you connected.

We Provide Options

Unlike many of our competitors, Hammer Fiber offers scalable options designed to enhance the quality of life for your residents. By bringing fiber directly to your property we are able to offer a wide variety of services at affordable prices, which creates a more desirable community for your residents. All of this is done at no cost to you, the property manager or owner.