Our wireless broadband system that uses a high frequency wireless signal to deliver bandwidth to your home. The technology itself allows a very high level of data to be reliably delivered to your home.

No. We are not providing your signal through a satellite, but rather a much closer location to your home. We limit our service area to 3 miles from any central location in order to ensure that your signal is always strong. Our technology delivers a signal that is up and uninterrupted 99.999% of the time, so that you can always enjoy your service.

We don't want to oversubscribe our network so that our quality of service remains at the levels our customers expect. Often, Internet Service is oversubscribed, with available bandwidth being divided amongst all of the subscribers in an area, dropping internet speeds at peak hours. In order to prevent that from ever happening on our network, we will only accept a limited amount of subscribers in an area to ensure that the bandwidth is always available for each customer.

We are hoping to offer our solution to much of New Jersey in the near future. Sign up for our email list to receive updates and product launches in new areas. This way, as soon as service is available in your area, you will know.

Once you have signed up for service, a member of our team will contact you to schedule a quality of service test.  Our tech will come to your home to verify that we can draw line of sight and have adequte signal strength.  Upon completion of the Quality Of Service test, Hammer Fiber will schedule an installation date with you. On the date of installation, an installer will arrive at your home, introduce himself,  and commence with the installation.

Installation takes approximately 2-3 hours

Prior to installation, we will conduct a quality of service test. At Hammer Fiber we hold ourselves to the highest standards regarding your experience as a customer. It is rare, but sometimes, a particular home cannot be fed from our central location at the standards we demand. In any case that service may experience interruptions, or inconsistency we will be forced to regrettably decline service to that location.

Our billing periods run from the 16th of the month through the 15th.  After your installation, your first bill will include the installation month at a prorated rate as well as your first full month. 

Hammer Fiber is very different from your traditional internet providers. Our network identifies how much bandwidth you need in order to use all of the applications that you want and adjusts the bandwidth to your home accordingly so that you always have the speeds that you need to enjoy the internet as it should be.

At Hammer Fiber we limit the number of subscribers being serviced by any given central location rather than limiting the bandwidth that our subscribers receive in order to ensure the best possible service at all times. This limitation on the number of customers that we accept ensures that there is enough bandwidth available at any time of day.

No. This is another reason that Hammer Fiber limits the number of subscribers from each of its central locations. We do not over-subscribe our network so that the bandwidth is always available at any time of day.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP service is phone service that uses the internet to make and receive calls.

VoIP services allow us to offer all of your favorite features paired along with affordable calling plans.

No. All you need to do is plug in any phone to start being able to make calls.

We are working every day to add more content and more features to our current line-up.  Keep an eye out.

Yes, Hammer Fiber is able to offer a selection of all of your favorite local, network and studio channels.

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is Television service delivered through the internet. Not only does this allow all of your traditional programming, but it also allows our customers to use other web features on their television such as web browsing, social media, photos/videos etc.

Similar, but vastly improved. Thanks to our dedicated fiber and wireless network, Hammer Fiber can control the reliability and quality of the signal, ensuring that problems with buffering or slow load times are eliminated on our network.