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Up to 25 Mbps Download/Up to 15 Mbps upload
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I've been using Hammer Fiber for some time now. I am extremely happy with the service, I stream to my 3 TV's and have numerous other connected devices as well as Smart Home devices online at all times. I have never had any issue bandwidth. It's true when they tell you, you get what you need. Keep up the great work and service.

Jerry M.

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INTERNET at the speed of YOU

What does that mean? That means, we offer the bandwidth that you need, at the speed you need, at the moment you need it.

Need 1 mbps to listen to HQ Audio on Spotify?

Need 3 mbps to game online with your PC, Xbox or Playstation?

Need 4 mbps to video conference on Skype?

Need 25 mbps to stream an Ultra HD movie on Netflix?

Need 33 mbps to do them all? Then we’ll deliver it.